Focus gets assassinated when you find yourself being distracted. If you find yourself disoriented, scattered, or if you have no plan, your focus is going to get nailed in the process. If your focus is gone, you will not be able to do what you need to do in order to see the goal attained. Remember, we must ‘be’ before we can ‘do’ and we must ‘do’ before we can ‘have’. If we want to have a certain benefit from a certain goal, we must do what we need to do in order to see that take place. When we become the kind of person that sets goals, stays focused, believes the goal can be hit, manages time well, organizes details, maintains a positive outlook and thinks with a solution mindset (all examples of ‘being’) we end up exactly where we want to end up.

We’ve all learned that what we believe is what we become. It’s really that simple. When we believe life will go our way, it does. When we believe it won’t, it doesn’t. BELIEVE IT AND YOU’LL BE BLESSED; DON’T AND YOU WON’T. I have learned in my years in the weight loss and fitness businesses that what you focus on can totally change what you believe. Focus controls everything. It’s amazing. What’s even more amazing is that it takes only three steps to stay focused.

Today we’ll talk about:

1) knowing what the goal is and

2) the value of revisiting it at least weekly.

Next week I’ll share step 3.

Is your goal in your conscious mind all the time? You see, when your goal is in your conscious mind all the time, you’ll stay focused on it. The way to put it in your conscious mind all the time is to sit down and write out five-year goals. Why? Because your goal isn’t a one or two month thing. It’s probably something you want forever, right? I want to live for a long time, and I want to pass on to my babies and my grandbabies a legacy of health, positive attitude, happiness abundance and energy. That’s a lifetime thing.

Sit down and do a five-year goal sheet, and from there a three-year, a one-year, a six-month, a three-month, a two-week, and a one-week goal sheet. Then, every single week, go back and look at those goals. It doesn’t take any time to look them over once a week and the effort is well worth it. That will keep them in your mind and keep you focused.

If you are focused on your goals in your conscious mind, you are much less likely to become distracted. Even without knowing it, you’ll begin to do, say and think things that will get you to that goal AND you’ll stop doing things that will prevent the goal from becoming reality (distractions). Motivation lives inside you. Writing out your goals and rereading them will help you keep tapping into that motivation. Here’s an exercise to prove this.

After reading these words, practice this exercise. Look around you and find a point on the wall or a point anywhere in the room, and focus on it. Find a point and really stare at that point. Stare at it hard. Don’t look away. Are you focused on a certain point in the room? Now focus on the center of that point. Don’t look away; stay focused on the center of that point. Don’t look at anything else. Really stare at that point. Now focus on the center of the center of the point. Do you see it? Do you see the center of the center of the point? I want you to keep your focus on the center of the center, and raise your hands to shoulder level, and shake them, but keep your focus on the center of the center. Okay, focus back on this article.

Could you tell that what was moving was a set of hands? Not if you were focused on the center you couldn’t. You saw a little movement, but if you were focused on the center of the center of that point, you probably didn’t see much. When you’re focused you don’t see the distractions.

When you focus on your goals, the distractions of life are less likely to take you down and keep you from reaching your goals. When we’re focused, many times we don’t even see the distractions. If we do see the distractions, we don’t give them so much attention that they take from us the ability to keep focusing on the goal. It’s our goal we see the most when we’re focused. The five-year plan, the three-year plan, or even just a one-year plan will help you maintain your focus.